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Natural Snowflakes
Snowflakes fall from the clouds with a marvelous variety of shapes and patterns -- stellar dendrites, hollow columns, capped columns, and many more. Click here to see the common crystals as well as some exotic varieties.

Some topics to explore:
Guide to snowflakes
A snowflake primer
Lots of photographs!
Why six?
Why so symmetrical?
No two alike?
Can I use these images?

Designer Snowflakes
We grow our own snow crystals in the snowflake lab, where we can create our own designs, including some you will not find in nature. Click here to see how this is done.

Some topics to explore:
Free-fall snowflakes
Snowflakes on electric needles
POP crystals
Lots of photographs!
Identical twin snowflakes
Movies of growing snowflakes

Snowflake Watching
If you live in snow country, you really ought to take a close look at what falls from the clouds! In especially cold snowfalls, you can see some outstanding crystals. Click here to see what to expect.

Some topics to explore:
Snowflake photography
Where to find the best snowflakes
When to find the best snowflakes
Ice crystal halos

Snowflake Science
How are snow crystals made, and why do they have the shapes they do? Why are they all so different, and how come the six branches grow so similarly?  Click here to learn how all this works.

Some topics to explore:
The morphology diagram
Historical snowflakes
Faceting and branching
The sharpening effect
Snowflake mths & nonsense

Snow & Ice Activities
Ice and water are all around us, and they are fascinating to learn about. You too can grow your own snowflakes, make some snowflake fossils, or investigte the mysterious ice spikes. Click here to find out how..

Some topics to explore:
Proper paper snowflakes
Preserving snowflakes
Snowflake fossils
Ice spikes

    And you don't want to miss any of these:
Snowflake Stamps Movies of Growing Snowflakes Snowflake Noir The Art of the Snowflake A Monster Snowflake Ken Libbrecht's
Field Guide to Snowflakes
History of Snowflakes The Secret Life of a Snowflake In Search of the
Perfect Snowflake
Identical Twin Snowflakes!

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